About the Downtown East Faith Group Collective

This website is the result of a collaboration by the following faith groups in downtown Toronto:

  • The Church of the Holy Trinity
  • All Saints Church – Community Centre
  • Metropolitan United Church
  • The Church of the Redeemer
  • Toronto Urban Native Ministries
  • Sanctuary Toronto
  • Saint Luke’s United Church
  • St. James Cathedral
  • St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church
  • First Evangelical Lutheran Church
  • St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica
Meals at All Saints Church-Community Centre

All Saints Church-Community Centre

Saint Luke’s United Church

Saint Luke’s partners with the Allen Garden Foodbank to provide food two days a week to between 300-400 people, and has a community meal offered once a week. We offer individual help and short term counselling for those without homes and provides meeting space an support to advocacy groups in the Downtown East area.

During the Covid -19 emergency foodbank is open 1230-3 P.M. on Thursdays and Fridays. Our short term counselling is available at present at the same times. Call 905-751-5335 for help or more information.

Contact: Rev. Jim Keenan

All Saints Church-Community Centre

All Saints Church-Community Centre is located at the corner of Dundas and Sherbourne, the epicentre of Toronto’s opioid and homeless crises. Its weekday drop-in is one of the oldest and most respected in the city, offering day shelter and other services for homeless and housing-challenged people for over 50 years. During COVID-19, All Saints remains open for homeless people from Monday to Thursday, with takeout meals available on Fridays. The drop-in provides meals, sleeping mats, washroom access, clothing, nursing care, harm reduction kits, and more. All Saints also supports the 95 low-income residents of the neighbouring All Saints Church Homes for Tomorrow Society. Operating with a rotating on-site staff of 5, All Saints has partnered with 6 different organizations to continue its meal program. Between neighbouring residents, drop-in guests, and others who come for help, All Saints is serving an average of 170 meals Monday to Friday. The Covid-19 pandemic has decreased the capacity of the All Saints drop-in while increasing the number of street homeless participants who have nowhere else to go.

Contact: Rev. Alison Falby

Church of the Redeemer

Church of the Redeemer (corner of Bloor and Avenue) is continuing operations 5 days a week for folks experiencing homelessness, and we are feeding upwards of 150 people each day. Our COVID-response work includes a hot to-go meal each day, access to washrooms/phones, and connections to vital community resources. We also continue to offer a wide range of community support and advocacy work. Church of the Redeemer has been running a drop-in meal program for 25 years, and is doing everything in our power to remain open (with protocol alterations) during the pandemic.

Contact: Angie Hocking

Metropolitan United Church

Metropolitan United Church has been involved in social service for the downtown community since 1917, including helping launch service groups such as Sojourn House and The Fred Victor Mission. In this current crisis, our Community Services team is on the ground working to help provide the necessities of life for people experiencing homelessness and other precarious situations. We have developed a ‘chit system’ to pre-pay for meals for people who need them at a number of local restaurants and are providing grocery support for vulnerable people unable to get out. We are also supporting our front-line community partners by providing meals, volunteer assistance and financial support.

Contact: Rev. Jason Meyers

Toronto Urban Native Ministry

Founded in 1996, TUNM interacts with over 12,000 lives every year. While reaching out and bridging to Indigenous people on the street, hospitals, jails, and shelters & hostels; providing mentoring, honouring Ceremony, spiritual care, counselling, and referrals to community services. Importantly, TUNM facilitates the reconciliation process mediating between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples fostering the concept of inclusion and principles of decolonization. TUNM is a shared ecumenical ministry that operates as an Indigenous Chaplaincy and outreach service between the United Church of Canada, The Anglican Church of Canada, and actively within the urbanized Indigenous Community. Since the inception, TUNM has been committed to supporting all members of our communities.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, TUNM has provided the following services:

  • Ongoing spiritual and social support of Indigenous peoples and community members through one on one and group support service
  • Working on the frontlines of the emergency relief work of Church of the Holy Trinity, Dundas Square. Serving hot meals, additional food, clothing, harm reduction supplies, blankets, and other necessities to over 200 people six days a week.
  • Providing pastoral care, outreach support and life necessities to unhoused people in encampments.
  • Seeking, organizing, and collecting donations of PPE, hygiene, survival and life necessities for people in need.
  • Advocacy in support of incarcerated and detained peoples, and support work of Prisoners and their families navigating the effects of the pandemic.
  • Fundraising for Church of the Holy Trinity and other initiatives that support the survival of our community members

Contact: Sandra Campbell

Church of the Holy Trinity

Church of the Holy Trinity has been an active site of community relief response from the beginning of this crisis 3 months ago, at which time we deployed a daily meal program, serving 200 people each day with food, clothing, hygiene supplies and survival equipment. We have also provided crisis intervention for the community that has gathered here to ease the immense weight that has been placed on homeless and street involved populations.

We have taken this work on by convening at least a dozen different faith groups representing the diversity of the City of Toronto, and our work has been led from the onset by women and trans people, indigenous people, the asian community, poor people and other groups that have seen the most adverse impacts of COVID 19. We are grateful for the fruit of this collaboration.

    Contact: Zachary Grant